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Well I’ve been missing for a while, huh?
Goes to show that you never know what the heck each day brings.

– I am now in league this the ruling class of the world, that is White PPL.
– I know I’m risking putting this up, but hey they already pasted the Patriot Act (no not the New – England version) so what does it matter now.
– I will give updates as they become available and do so when it is least dangerous

Let us not for get who put us inside these walls to begin with, we didn’t do it to ourselves.
They did it to exclude us from them and so that they know at all times where we are, or at least where we live.
I pull no punches, this is it from them. They’ll take what we have at the drop of the hat and yea I’m not afraid of that happening.
Because they aren’t taking what’s truly important to us, only what they perceive as being important.

Once again, victory is ours and we remain unconquered!

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Tough Times

Lets talk about it… Boy is it tough these days. To me it seems like this is the year that many people I know have moved on. It was just their time, thats something I know. But it’s still sometimes hard to swallow when so many go in such a short time. I’m talking about that other certain thing about life, death. When one really thinks about death it makes you contemplate life.

Thoughts run through my mind > Did I live a life that was good and worthwhile? > Did I do all that I could to make sure my family is going to be ok? > And so on and so forth…

One thing is certain for me, death is not something I fear. I believe in many things that one is that death isn’t the end of my soul, just the end of my body. I know that I will live on, is some way or another and that is why I do not fear death.

But that aside, it is still hard when you loose people who you have known your entire life. I guess its the human side of us who is selfish and wants to hold on to them but even realizing what I know its still hard. We could talk about life and death forever but what do you believe? Do you think its cut and dry as some religions say? > Or is it more complicated?

Something I also know, love those who you have and be calm when they are gone because one day you will be with them again.

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Radio Waves

People listen to radio all the time, yet most misunderstand its true implications. What do I mean by that? Well, all I really mean is that we go from station to station, usually switching when a commercial is on, stopping when we hear something we like. But thats just the top of the ice berg, what we miss is all that goes on aside from just hearing music or a deejay talking.

First the is the content of the commercials, do you have any idea as to how much companies or whoever puts into those adds? On the most listened to stations it can be upwards of $50-$100 for a 30 second spot! Now think about how many times an add plays, that all adds up.

Second, there is the station itself. “Your listening to WMDS-whatever” or “This is deejay so-and-so on WOAD-whatever”. The station is always promoting itself to you the listener. Sometimes they’ll be at community events or giving away tickets to some concert, but always they are wanting you to listen to their station.

Lastly, there is the government. The FCC to be exact. We all have some vague notion of what the FCC is or does but no one actually knows it all. Well, neither do I but I do know that the FCC dictates the content of what you hear. They license radio stations and allow them to broadcast. They fine or even revoke that license if they don’t approve of what is said.

Through it all, the only thing that matters is YOU! Thats right, you. Everything is tailored to the listener and if you aren’t listening then the radio station isn’t profitable. So just remember that when you tune into a station and realize that more is going on then just the latest top hit or news flash.

That said, I’d like you to listen in to a radio show which I will be apart of this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. EST. go to the listen live link and hear what I have to say about the topic which is going to be discussed. Tommorrow I’ll blog about what was said and if you should feel the urge, then I urge that you comment.

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My 1st Ever Blog

Ok, so here goes…Introducing myself will be, drumroll please, myself.
Over the next few days I will be revealing something about myself so stay tuned for that. This will be just a warm up as I get used to what it means to blog.

So for starters I will say that my name is Jarrid Smith and I reside in South Fla. where I was born and raised. So keep that in mind when I blog about things because people from Florida have certain mannerisms and modes of thinking/behaving which are unique. Aside from the threat of hurricanes and falling property values, Florida is the place to be and it’s where I’m most as ease. No matter what anyone tells you, snow is not all that its cracked up to be and since it hasn’t snowed down here since the 70’s (it did… seriously I looked it up) I’m quite sure all those snowbirds will continue to arrive each fall. All that means to me is to be more careful when driving because with one of the nations highest average age populations and a high number of NYC transplants, you never know who is going to blindly change lanes ahead of you.

Enough of the South Fla. talk, I’ve got to get back to work!

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