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Sleepless Nights

So what does it mean to have a sleepless night? For definition purposes, sleepless night herein means that about an hours worth of sleep was gained. I broach this subject because I have had two such nights consecutively, resulting in many cups of coffee and seemingly prolonged stays at work. So what does it mean?

Cause and Effect come to mind as I write… As in what caused the sleepless night and what effect has it had upon the individual who experienced it. Not wanting to delve into specifics (b/c who knows, one day someone might read this blog), I shall speak in generalities. Cause: In my case is known, and thus makes for no real discussion. But if in another case is not known, then the cause must first be identified. Boundless energy (too many Red Bull)? Restless mind (genius thoughts abound)? Needless worry (stove = on or off)? Uncomfortable surroundings (new home)? All legitimate reasons for a sleepless night.

Effect: What is the result from that sleepless night? In my case I’ve already stated the coffee induced, drone-like, workday. But that is not all; I’ve also have several major revelations. My two sleepless nights have resulted (IMO) in my life moving forward greatly on a personal level. I’ve realized a great deal and been able to share those realizations, as well as other thoughts. All the while the time for my alarm to go off crept closer and closer. What’s the effect in your life for your most recent (or memorable) sleepless night?

I will conclude this bite with even though the thought of a sleepless night may seem undesireeable, one can in fact come away with more than just bags under the eyes. A sleepless night for me (two in this case) may mean a lifetime’s worth of change… the only vairable in this case is to live it. Be it an enjoyable experience or not, sleepless nights are something everyone must experience

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Moving, a simple prospect really. We do it everyday, from the moment we wake to the second we close our eyes at night. As such, one would think that the concept wouldn’t be all to difficult when applied towards moving of residence… One would think!!!
I’m moving from Hollywood, Florida – land of beautiful South Florida, with its endless beaches, cool breezes, and countless entertainment options
I’m moving to Tallahassee, Florida – a place so distant that its practically in another state, seriously it only takes about 20 mins to get to Georgia, a place wrought with perils of youth simply called a college town
As of now I’ve no place to live and I have to be out of my current apartment within the next 2 weeks. Luckily I’m visiting Tally later this week and I’ll get a chance to check a few places out.
Back to the original thought of moving, whodathunk I had so much stuff to move. Couch, dinning table, other various living room furniture, bedroom set, bed, random collection of stuff that has accumilated over the months, kitchen ware… and on and on.
So I guess the point of this post is to say that let us all be that much more thankful that when we wake in the AM that all we have to do is move our own body. Also, moving across a state is never easy and U-Haul charges waaay too much!

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New Goings On

So at the behest of a professor, as well as to begin writing on what is happening in my life, I’ll be writing more on this blog. Regular updates will hopefully (fingers crossed!) become the norm.

So as the title suggests, there are new goings on in my life.
– For starters I’ll be moving in a week or two up to Tallahassee, Fl. I’ve been accepted in the Gubernatorial Fellows Program within the Governors office. A world of change awaits, as I still do not have a place to live nor do I know yet which government agency/department I’ll be working in. I’m so excited (and I just can’t hide it) about this! The process really put me thru the wringer, and even now that thats done I still haven’t gotten a chance to exhale. Getting a place to live, sorting out life in Hollywood before I move, actually moving… All this adds up but makes for an enjoyable summer.

I’ve got more to say on that subject, but all in good time. For now I’ll close out this post with hellogoodbye

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