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Friends – Everybody Needs Them

It is easy to forget, when you have known a person for many years, what a pleasure it is to have known them for only a moment. Brushing up against the very essence of our being – LIFE – and almost having it go away is a horrible notion. And yet it is not just a notion at all, it is the foundation of humanity. We are here only for a finite time, bound by the rules of gravity (which effects us in reverse coorelation to time spent on earth) and the flesh and blood that is our body. I must say, that realizing all this isn’t done overnight nor is it done by one’s own undertaking.

The process usually begins like an enjoyable dream. There you are having a peaceful and fulfilling day, surrounded by all that you believe is important at that very moment – the dream takes hold. Then, like a dream ended prematurely, you are pulled into the reality of the minute. Seconds grasp you and pull you along, towards an hour of uncertainty. The dream has ended and to harshness of awakening hits at full force. We all dream at one point or another, and we sometimes share those dreams with others – dreams of fantasy and reality – and sometimes we keep them to ourselves. Its important to not laugh at the dreams of others because without dreams what would we have that’s our own.

The flesh and the body now being realized, the dream has evaporated into the cool night. The seconds tick by, events unfold around you, the actions of others impacting your life. Then you react, the mind takes on a streamlined focus. Assess the surroundings, account for variables, process signals and relate to context, formulate course, act concisely. The seconds tick by turning into minutes. The longevity of this reality weights heavy, whereas the dream was as light as a feather. When into minutes, the mind again refocuses. Assess previous action, account for new surroundings, variables, and context, formulate course of action (longer term), act decisively. In the minutes is where care must be taken, because now the mind is reopened to its various terminals. Repetion of the message is a must.

Those minutes, in comparison to the seconds, seem to zip by. Before you know it you’ve arrived at your destination, your part is done. Now the minutes mature, becoming hours. Here is where the mind recaptures itself fully, now able to explore possibilities which were ignored in the seconds and minutes. Now is the time for reflection and reattachment, the dream is rethought but not quite the same as when experienced. You can feel yourself once again, embracing what was forgotten just previous.

There are no best friends in my book, only those who I’ve become so close to that they’ve become family.

Seconds ——> Minutes ——> Hours ——> ???

——-> DREAMS <——–

Let us never forget those dreams, because the seconds fade, the minutes disappear, and the hours dissipate.

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