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The Waiting Game

Patience: the definition of being that we must not react how society today teaches us to. Very oximoronic but it makes sense if you have the patience to think it through. Yesterday I had to have two of my tale lights replaced and get my oil changed; not a big deal and actually the whole process took about 45 minutes. But lets take a look at all of the factors involved which are overlooked when talking about patience.
  • 45 mins. – spent waiting on light replacement + oil change: time used for 1) drinking a lemonade 2) reading 2-3 pages of a magazine 3) reading facebook status updates 4) watching 5 o’clock news 5) calling vet to get information on my sick dog 6) sleeping 7) paying then leaving
  • 2 days – time between when I was made aware of the lights being out and actually getting to the shop to have replaced: 1) I was pulled over by FHP, issued warning to have lights replaced [thanks officer for not writing a ticket] 2) tried that day to have lights replaced but did not make it in time 3) spent that evening and the next day on look out for other cops because I didn’t want to get pulled over again 4) made it to the shop to have lights replaced and promptly waiting 7-10 mins before being acknowledged 5) filled out information for the shop 6) shop fills out my name wrong, Jattio as opposed to Jarrid

All total the patience it took for me to have my lights replaced and oil changed equaled out to my quota for a week, and that’s only because I consider myself to have an immense amount of patience. For those of us who are lesser inclined, those two days + 45 mins may have equaled a quota for an entire month. There is a term used in business that I believe is applicable here; that term is overhead. Overhead is basically the cost factored in for items that can not be budgeted for.

Patience Overhead: the actual amount of patience need for any action requiring patience. So for me my overhead equaled out to two days + 45 mins, and that was from beginning to end of my light and oil changing. But that only factors in the beginning and middle of the story.

If you recall I spent a few of my 45 mins waiting for my vehicle on the phone with the vet office. My dog the previous day had taken ill, I’m talking diarrhea everywhere 1) in the crate 2) on the floor around the crate 3) on the door near where the crate is located 4) on the chew toy located in the crate. It was miraculus that he didn’t have diarrhea on him, but perhaps that was a result of his having shot it everywhere else possible.

Here is the end of the story: the purpose of that call was to see how much an overnight stay would cost because the 45 mins it took to have the light/oil change would prevent me from picking him up before closing time. Cost for stay = $16 a night.

So now add that cost into what it cost to have the lights/oil changed + patience overhead = actual cost of patience needed. I think I just made a good point but I’m not an economics major so it may not make sense to all, but keep in mind that while you’ve read this you’ve learned something and that will always come in handy.


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